You have to be over 18 to day ticket fish at Frant, or be fishing with someone who is.

Main Lakes 1 – 6

  • Adults £16.50
  • Juniors £11.00
  • Spectator £11.00
  • Day Tickets Only
  • +£1.00 booking fee

Specimen Lakes 7 & 8

  • 24 Hours and more only available on Specimen lakes 7 & 8 :
  • You must be over 18 to fish these lakes
  • No spectators or visitors allowed
  • First 24 hours+. arrive at 10am first day to next day £44.00
    Subsequent 24 hours £38.50
  • +£1.00 booking fee

Booking Conditions

Please be aware that, once made, your booking at Frant Lakes cannot be cancelled or transferred

The Fish

  • Firstly to fish at Frant you have to be over 18 or have someone over 18 with you at all times* and have with you the following basic equipment other than obviously your rod.
  • A landing net – depending on whether you are fishing the main lakes or the specimen lakes you will need either a 24” or a 42” landing net.
  • A landing mat – to protect the scales of the fish when unhooking them on the bank, not sharing one with your mate, one of your own.
  • Barbless hooks – If you get snagged up, the fish cannot shake off the hook and will die, therefore if we find you using barbed hooks, even microbarbs, you will be asked to leave the lakes.
  • Braid – We don’t allow braid as main line, but hook links are permitted. Coated only and maximum length of 12 inches coupled with a barbless hook please.
  • When handling fish, we expect nothing less than considerate landing and handling. On the bank we want them speedily unhooked, if you want a photo, hold the fish below your knees so that when you drop them, (it’s easy to do even if you feel you have a good hold on the fish – they’re slippery…) they stand a chance of surviving the fall.

The Angler

  • We want you to enjoy your fishing at Frant, we also want those fishing on the lakes with you to enjoy themselves and be safe too.
  • The lakes are open for day ticket holders from 7 am, and the tackle shop and cafe both open at 8am.When you arrive at the complex, please drive down to the red and white barrier where the duty bailiff will check your booking. Please remember that you can only bring with you those people who have a confirmed booking, you cannot bring anyone else, even if they are not fishing
  • Anglers are reminded that stalking is not permitted at Frant.
  • We operate a secure site here at Frant. Outside opening hours the gates are locked and entry and exit are forbidden. Perimeter alarms trigger if you try to climb over the gates, friends who want to visit you at night whilst the site is closed should be informed that they will be asked to leave, as will you.
  • Dogs – We don’t allow them here under any circumstances.
  • Children – We don’t allow under 18s on site without an accompanying adult*. If you are bringing a youngster with you, please ensure that they are well behaved.
  • Bait boats – Best to assume we don’t allow them. We have no objection to them in principle but our customers don’t like them and to be fair you don’t need one at Frant.
  • Spectators – No non-fishing spectators are permitted here at Frant on our Specimen lakes. There are a limited number of Spectator day tickets available on the booking platform*.

The Property

  • Rubbish – Please ensure that all rubbish is placed in one of the many bins situated around the site.
  • Barbeques – We allow them, please be careful. The fire risk is acute during the summer months, we prefer the disposable type which we ask you to douse with water after use.
  • Open Fires – These are strictly forbidden. Anyone lighting a fire on the site will be asked to leave.
  • Access –
  • When you Arrive.
  • You must have already pre-booked your swim before arrival. With a reduced number of swims, and to maintain the appropriate distancing, We can no longer accept anglers without a booking.
  • If you have a ticket for the main lakes you may fish on any swim on lakes 1 to 6 subject to match bookings on the day.
  • If you have a specimen lake ticket, please park in the main car park. The Frant Lake Vans have ‘Frant’ number plates, please load your gear and it will be taken to the appropriate lake. Our driver will not touch your gear, and you will not be able to travel in the van.

Finally, we can only put fish in the lakes we can’t make them jump on your hook!

* Main lakes day tickets only.