We are an eight lake fishing complex set in 150 acres of parkland on the Kent/Sussex boarder featuring mature English Carp to 35lb+, Perch to 4lb+ as well as Bream, Roach, Tench, Ghosties, Orfe Chubb, and Dace . In short we have everything an angler might want for a great day’s fishing. Our new lodge building features a 5 star hygiene rated cafe with an outside patio area and our tackle shop stocks everything you’ll need from bait to a brolly.. With a shower suite available to overnight anglers, and a 5 star hygene rated cafe which will deliver to your swim you’re sure to have a great day’s fishing.

Car Park Lakes (3 & 4)

Available to fish only during the day and holding carp to 24lb+ Perch to 4lb, Bream, Roach and Chub, these two lakes should be your first choice if you haven’t fished with us before. With close access from either car parks, you will be able to catch all the available species at Frant from here. You’ll be a short walk from the main building and all the facilities or, if you prefer, have the cafe deliver you something direct to your lake

Match Lakes (1 & 6)

Part of our main lake complex and for day fishing only. Ideal for groups of anglers wanting to fish near each other, these lakes offer the perfect spot. Lake 1 is stocked 50/50 Carp and Silvers,and lake 6 is 90/10. Both these lakes are nice and quiet and away from the roads and car parks. Skirmish fishes reliably for hefty Carp in the summer months with the added bonus of good size silvers including cracking Perch on meat and prawns all year round, and Horseshoe offers a good day’s fishing without being overly pestered by Carp.

Stumps Lake (2)

Part of our six main lake complex,this is the lake that holds a high proportion of our pretty fish. With Golden Orfe, Ghost Carp, Golden Tench and a selection of crossbred Koi, we’re confident that you’ll see and catch fish with colours and markings you won’t see anywhere else. Mainly a Summer lake, Stumps has a wide grass bank and rewards surface fishing with either floating crust or dog biscuit.

Waterfall Lake (5)

Favourite of many of our regular visitors, lake 5 is one of the smaller lakes, but it’s high stocking density makes it one of the easier to fish. Holding Carp to 25lb, Perch to 3lb and some lovely Roach and Bream. you need look no further for a relaxing day’s fishing.

Specimen Lakes (7 & 8)

We have all our biggest fish in the two specimen lakes. With lovely Carp, Roach, Bream and Perch you’ll find all the species here. Set on their own away from the main lakes, you have to be over 18 to fish these waters. We don’t allow day fishing on this part of the site making for less comings and goings during the fishing day. Anglers who chose to fish these lakes can be assured that numbers are strictly limited, and that they will never be overcrowded even on the busiest weekend. The river Teise runs down beside both the lakes and can offer some exciting ‘real’ fishing for those who like the wild fish, as well as some sport when fish on the lakes are not feeding.

Lake 7 features a snagged spine through the centre, this offers protection for the fish from Cormorants but poses a challenge to anglers. Fish too close to the snags and be too slow on your rods and your quarry will turn and snag you up in a second. New anglers to this part of the complex should stick to the margins or only halfway between the banks and the snags. In the summer surface fishing is the safer way to go. But if you like a challenge, this is the lake to fish.. The big Carp are still here and advice on fishing this water is available from the office.